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Did you know that studies carried out by the National Marine Aquarium and Exeter University show that aquarium therapy lowers anxiety, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, and creates an overall feeling of relaxation?

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Using a professional aquarium service can give ‘Aquarium therapy’. The stimulation of happy hormones in the brain, which have a calming effect on the body and mind. As humans, we have an innate attraction to nature and natural processes. Watching fish in their natural environment relaxes our minds, slows our heart rate, and in turn, can help to alleviate pain.

Good for Employees ... Good for Your Bottom Line

A carefully thought out and well-designed workspace with plenty of natural light and other natural elements is extremely beneficial for a workplace. Why? Because it’s good for your employees!

Have you ever wondered why so many dentist offices have aquariums? Studies have found that good aquarium design coupled to good aquarium maintenance results in patients needing less pain relief when at the dentists.

Good aquarium design can give us so much: beauty, serenity, and many health benefits too. Let Your Fish Guy help you learn more about how you could benefit from the magic of aquariums.

An aquarium installation shows current and potential employees you are committed to their wellbeing matters. It fosters positive optimistic mindsets, which then impacts positively on others.

A 15% increase in productivity means that even for smaller businesses, there is a positive return on investment on an aquarium purchase within a few short months.

Research has proven that happier employees are more productive and are less likely to be off work sick. According to the World Health Design, good aquarium installation and maintenance increases productivity by as much as 15% while enhancing the mood of your workforce.


Further research has shown that people are able to concentrate better after relaxing and spending time around the essence of nature. Studies have revealed that human interaction with nature can significantly alleviate stress, thus reducing frustration and distraction. In today's busy office environment, this can be invaluable.


Are you interested in the ancient practice of Feng Shui that harmonizes energy forces? The rules of Feng Shui say that placing an aquarium in the southeast corner of your room is an excellent way to bring positive energy (along with wealth and prosperity!)

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