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Aquariums in Dentists: How a fish tank can make your customers relaxed

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Fear of the dentist is surprisingly common and aquariums for dentists is an area we specialise in. Around half of people in the UK feeling panicky, afraid, or anxious when seeing the dentist.

When we feel fear, our senses become heightened, and we are more acutely aware of discomfort, which means that people who are afraid of the dentist will feel more pain than those who aren’t.

The cruel reality of being human! But our aquariums for dentists designs are especially built with your practice in mind and our specialist aquarium designs will help your patients relax before they see you.

But for dentists looking to retain loyal clients and maintain a reputation as a safe having a good aquarium design and maintenance service in place can make a huge difference to customer comfort and your business’s repeat customers.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why are so many people afraid of going to the dentist? Our aquarians for dentists designs can help

Here’s what you need to know.

Why are so many people afraid of going to the dentist?

Like most phobias, fear of going to the dentist is considered irrational. With modern-day medicine, there is no more reason to be afraid of going to the dentist than going to see a doctor. However, many people still feel irrational fear of seeing a dentist.

The root causes of dentophobia could be traced to a fear of needles, fear of pain, fear of undergoing anaesthesia or perhaps just the feeling of helplessness that comes from lying still in a chair while a stranger pokes around your mouth. Whatever the cause of an individual’s fear, the result is that people put off going to the dentist, and whenever they do go, they have a negative experience.

What can dentists do to help fearful patients?

For any dentist that wants to help patients relax and improve the customer experience, it’s an uphill battle. Since the fear is irrational, a rational explanation won’t help. Instead, dentists need to find subtle ways that

appeal to the patient’s subconscious to soothe fears. One way dentists can help anxious patients is to bring nature into the waiting room. Studies have repetitively shown that being around nature can lower stress hormone levels to help you relax. Installing an aquarium in the waiting room can subconsciously help people relax before an appointment.

Watching fish meander around can help distract the mind, keep people calm and, if well-maintained, subconsciously helps patients assume the office is also sparkling clean.

At Bioscape, we will work with you to provide an array of beautiful fish and stunning plant life. We help to maintain these tanks to ensure a pristine, fresh and calm environment. As well as a fish tank, bringing some real plants inside can help introduce more nature to the waiting area to help people relax. Another easy way to help patients relax and stay calm is to hang nature paintings, photographs and images on the wall. It’s an easy way to give people something else to focus on while using nature to soothe their fears.

If you want to help keep your patients calm and relaxed and ensure every customer has a pleasant experience at your surgery, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to us. Our expertise and passion can help you make dentist visits less intimidating and more enjoyable. We’ve seen the result and love knowing that we are helping people overcome their fears.

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